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From one sun-soaked island to the next, Greece and the Eastern Med captures the hearts of travelers from around the world – so why visit just one? Delve into the volcanic village of Oia in Santorini and soak up the salty Thessaloniki air as you spend an evening wandering the seafront promenade. Set sail with Celestyal and discover a truly Mediterranean way of living.

Delve into the culture and cuisine of Thessaloniki

Greece’s second city lies on the mainland. Once the second city of the Byzantine Empire, boasting a population even larger than London, Thessaloniki is an ancient city bursting with diverse influences, from its food to its architecture.

Start your exploration of this Aegean metropolis with a walk along the seafront promenade to Aristotelius Square, one of Greece’s most recognizable locations. On the way, you’ll visit the spiraling White Tower, a symbol of the city’s fierce naval defenses, before heading to the Roman ruins of the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda.

And what visit to Greece’s capitals would be complete without a visit to Thessaloniki’s food features? Wander around the famous olive oil market of Ladadika and sample the local restaurants for some fresh Bougatsa. Thessaloniki is Greece’s food capital, so whether you’re hunkering down in a fancy restaurant or keeping things casual in a bakery, you’ll be spoilt wherever you go.

Go further and see more

Thessaloniki is just the beginning. From busy metropolitan cities to rural treasures that only the locals know about, Greece and the Eastern Med is a land of rich history and beauty. And with Celestyal, you’ll see it all.

Explore Crete and the relics of the ancient Knossos Palace, or while away an afternoon in the charming village of Chora and all of Mykonos’ famous beauty. Celestyal immerses you in the true heart of this part of the world. Go further and see more as you learn to live, eat and drink like a local.

And with so much to see, finding the right experience to suit you has never been easier. From 2023, Celestyal is introducing a new fare structure, giving you control to pick and choose the adventure you’re dreaming of. Book an Inclusive trip and enjoy onboard dining, select drinks with meals, and pre-bookable shore excursion vouchers, with all gratuities and port, charges included. Or indulge in an Enhance package for premium drinks package, specialty dining discounts, WiFi access, and more shore excursion vouchers to go even further into the heart of Greece and the Eastern Med.